The Special Basics Every 30-Something Should Own

Whether I realized it or not at the time, I spent my 20s building a wardrobe of basic clothes that I could wear for work, travel, going out, and working out. Now that I'm in my 30s, and tend to stick to the basics that I know and love, I'm focusing on building a wardrobe of special basics. These are those pieces that are as versatile as the tees, denim, outerwear, and shoes that fall into the basics category but with something unique about them. It could be something as simple as the color or a special detail that sets it apart from the rest.

So why did I come to the conclusion that these are the special basics a 30-something needs? While obviously, people of any age can wear them, I've found that these types of items are the ones I wear the most (and get the most compliments on) in my 30s, a time when I've been seeking more polish in my wardrobe but with minimal effort. I don't need a special occasion to wear them, but they feel special and cool when I need them to.

Sound like something you could use too? Shop the special basics every 30-something should own below.