Expert Tips on How to Never Lose Your Socks Again

If you are someone who opens their sock drawer to find perfectly bundled, matched-up pairs of socks organized neatly in a drawer, then you are one in a million. (Also, congratulations.) For those of you who would describe your sock drawer as a war zone, and your socks as toddlers who think running away and hiding from you is fun, then you are in the right place. Similar to the mystery that is the famous disappearing act of the bobby pin, socks are an item that just never seem to stay put, but particularly, never seem to stay coupled. 

Whether it be one simple load of laundry, one swift removal of your socks and shoes after a long day, or all of the in-betweens that act as opportunities for departure, feeling like your socks will never remain in a long-term relationship is extremely valid, but Tidy Tova, a professional organizer, is here to prove you wrong. She has so graciously lent us six different tips and tricks for making sure your sock drawer is not only coupled off in healthy relationships but that it is also extremely tidy. It's time to say goodbye to those odd sock pairings forever. Are you ready? 

Keep reading for all of Tova's tips on sock organization and to shop some of the coolest socks on the market right now! 

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