Surprise: This Model Reportedly Went Into Labor at Rihanna's Runway Show

Last night, Rihanna capped off New York Fashion Week in spectacular fashion: with a beautifully diverse Savage x Fenty runway show complete with dancing, an elaborately decorated stage, and plenty of lingerie. Along with women of all shapes and sizes, she cast two pregnant models—including, of course, one of her muses, Slick Woods.

Now, TMZ reports that Woods went into labor backstage after the show before being taken to a hospital. Woods has already revealed that she and Adonis Bosso have named their child Saphir after September's birthstone, sapphire. It's safe to say her child will have serious bragging rights when it comes to his birth story—who else participated in an iconic Rihanna show right before being born?

Of course, Woods isn't the first model to walk the runway while pregnant. Scroll down to revisit some of our favorite pregnant models on the runway.