The Two-Piece Outfit Formula Fashion Girls Love to Wear

There are a lot of different outfit combinations you can make with even the most basic wardrobe staples (but of course, as fashion lovers, you already knew that). However, if there were one pairing we could never get tired of, it’s T-shirts and skirts. Sure, you can always wear a graphic tee with your favorite pair of jeans, but if you’re in the mood to give your look a more refined touch, a cool skirt will be the way to go. When styled accordingly, this classic two-piece outfit can be perfect for nearly every occasion, whether it’s a casual lunch meeting with a colleague, weekend get-togethers with friends and family, or an easy day to yourself.

Of course, just like any other effortless ensemble, wearing such versatile pieces can often feel redundant. Not to worry, that’s where we come in. Ahead, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of It girl–approved ways to style a simple T-shirt with a chic skirt. Once you take a look through each of these, you’ll have a brand-new arsenal of ideas for styling these essential pieces.


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Style Tip: Give your outfit an office-appropriate update and wear it with a blazer.


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Style Tip: If you want an ensemble that feels unexpected, layer a tank top over your T-shirt and wear it with a polka-dot skirt.


(Image credit: @ali_tate_cutler)

Style Tip: A sleek bias-cut slip skirt will always look good with a soft tee.


(Image credit: @aimeesong)

Style Tip: Give your outfit an edge with a pair of knee-high boots.


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Style Tip: If you're heading out on vacation, pack a knit midi skirt and pair it with a classic scoop-neck tee.


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Style Tip: For the moments when you're running out for a quick errand, wear your T-shirt with an easy slip skirt and a trench coat.


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Style Tip: Dress up this simple outfit combination with standout accessories, such as a pearl necklace and an It purse.


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Style Tip: On your more casual days, sport a cropped baby tee with a miniskirt and a cardigan for a '90s-inspired outfit.


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Style Tip: Play with different types of plaids and checked patterns for an eye-catching visual effect.


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Style Tip: If you have a sheer tulle skirt, wear a black T-shirt with boyshorts underneath for an ethereal-yet-striking ensemble.


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Style Tip: Wearing a graphic skirt like the one below? Keep the rest of your outfit on the simple side.


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Style Tip: A denim midi skirt will feel both casual and polished with your T-shirt.


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Style Tip: If you want a skirt that you can truly move in, opt for a tennis skirt with shorts underneath.


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Style Tip: A monochromatic ensemble no matter what you're wearing will always feel put together.


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Style Tip: Looking for an easy way to dress up your T-shirt? Opt for a classic pleated midi skirt.

Replicate one of the above looks or create your own iteration to stay cool all summer.

Dale Arden Chong