11 Lesser-Known Skincare Brands You Should Buy If You Like Drunk Elephant

So you're a fan of Drunk Elephant. Cool, same. There's a lot to dig about the Sephora best-selling skincare brand: its nontoxic formulas packed with effective ingredients like virgin marula oil and superfruit extracts; its quirky-chic packaging; and of course its amazing brand name. (Fun fact about that, by the way: Did you know the founder, Tiffany Masterson, came up with the name Drunk Elephant after seeing a YouTube video of elephants eating marula fruit and getting tipsy off of it? Adorable.)

Drunk Elephant does wonders for a lot of people's skin. (Babyfacial? Iconic.) But sometimes it can be fun, necessary, or both to mix up your skincare routine. Here, we'd like to introduce you to a few lesser-known skincare brands that are similar to Drunk Elephant in that they're nontoxic, effective, and aesthetically pleasing—but maybe the products are a little more affordable or gentler or have something else about their formulas that you might want to explore. Keep scrolling for 11 brands worth checking out if you like Drunk Elephant.