These Are the Biggest Shoe Trends of Spring 2018


Collage Vintage

Stuck in a place where snow is falling, temperatures are shocking, and rain is basically ruining your life? Here's something to look forward to: spring 2018 shoe trends. The footwear styles for this upcoming spring season did not disappoint, as they brought forth color, character, and a generally bright spirit—traits one could only hope for in a spring shoe trend.

Since we know sifting through hundreds of runway images can be a pain, we did it for you while simultaneously picking out the 2018 shoe trends we believe you'll love the most. Overall themes you can expect for the spring season include lighter color palettes, loud shapes, and a few moments of nostalgia. Ahead, we've also shopped out the shoe trends that will reign supreme come spring, in case you want to start your shopping a tad early. We know we do.