This Swimwear Trend Is So Impractical, But We Kind of Love It

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She Made Me

Sometimes, you want to go to the beach, pool, or lake, but you don't want to go in the water… like, at all. There, I said it. The aquatic lifestyle is definitely not for everyone. I'm sorry, but getting my hair wet and spending the rest of the day in a sopping swimsuit doesn't always sound super appealing. Sue me! Well, the beloved Australian swimwear brand She Made Me must have heard our cries as it just launched a swimsuit that is designed to solely be worn by the water, not in it. Intrigued yet? 

She Made Me is calling this new swimwear trend "sunsuits," as they were created to be worn by the water while sunbathing. The brand describes sunsuits as "the perfect excuse to keep your hair dry during your next beach or pool-side vacation. The notion of women sunning themselves in a beautiful cotton suit along the Tyrrhenian Sea or Lake Como has been romanticized since the bikini became relevant in the '50s." We can hear the exchange now as your friends badger you to come in the water with them to which you confidently reply, "Sorry I can't—this is a sunsuit, not a swimsuit." 

These non-swimsuits are made from breathable khadi cotton so you'll feel maximum comfort as you sit back, relax, and enjoy some good old sun. Because a good pool day doesn't have to require water anymore. But cute sunsuits are definitely allowed, and She Made Me's adorable creations are below for you to shop for this exact occasion.