5 Tips for Selling Clothes on eBay

selling clothes on eBay


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So you’re kind of over the It shoes from last season and the dress you bought on sale that never really fit right. But what do you do with them? While you can bring them to a resale shop, give them to friends, or donate them, one of the options with the most returns is often eBay. If you’re thinking of cleaning out your closet this season, here are some tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


In order to make people look at your listing, a good photo is key. Whether you choose to shoot it on a model or as a flat lay, make sure the garment looks good before shooting it by ironing or steaming it in advance. Use natural lighting or a flash and a neutral backdrop that enhances the color of the item. You may also want to invest in some good camera equipment to get the best image possible.


It is necessary to make sure the clothing item is restored and in the best shape possible. If there is a stain or rip, fix it before listing the piece.


The title of the item you are selling is also crucial. This will be the first thing the buyer views, along with the image. Make sure to include any important details that should be known, including the condition, brand, size, and gender of the clothing item. This will help to give the buyer maximum information about the item they might be purchasing.


The price in which you sell your item of clothing for should be comparable to what it is being sold for at other outlets. Make sure you do some research before pricing your clothing item. It is recommended for the clothing to be sold at a slightly lower price than your competitors, so the buyer will be intrigued and you will also make a profit.


Lastly, be aware of the season. If you are attempting to sell a heavy winter coat or jacket, summer probably isn’t the best time to put it on the market. Stick with the trends of the season and make sure your items line up with what people might be interested in at that time.

Go on to shop some of fall's key trends.

Tuck into a textured skirt for a sophisticated look. 

Show of your figure with this cropped sweater. 

The blazer that has been seen on models and fashion influencers everywhere. 

Rock these cropped pants with a pair of brown boots and a sweater for the perfect fall attire. 

Pair with black trousers for an easy and comfortable office look. 

Let these socks be seen under a pair of booties. 

Pair with a similarly colored sweater for a cool put-together look. 

Flats with large detailed additions are everywhere this season. 

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