How to Be the Best Secret Gifter Ever

Most of you who have worked in an office setting know about the annual gift-swap tradition. There’s the anonymous gift game where you have to draw a colleague’s name from a hat, buy them a present they’ll hopefully love, and then see if they can guess who the gift came from. Though some might roll their eyes at the concept, here at Who What Wear, we embrace it (we actually call our version Secret Gnome). That’s why we decided it was an appropriate time to round up some key tips to make sure your present isn’t a dud.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to be a top-notch secret gifter, which we’ve proved with six simple suggestions, like peeping on your giftee’s IG feed and simply asking yourself if you’d want the gift. We also suggest avoiding the obvious stores and instead opt for a specialty store for a more unique gift option and wrap it in a creative way to add an Instagramable moment (to name a few tips), the rest are listed below. Keep reading to make sure you check all the boxes this holiday season and shop our selections if you’re still feeling stumped.

Stalk Your Giftee's Feeds

Secret Santa Tips


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Yup, we’re approving a little cyber-stalking. Check out your giftee’s Instagram, Facebook, and any other public social media platform that might give you clues about where their interests lie. Don’t blow your cover by requesting to follow them, though. Play it cool!

Be Observant

If they work in your direct vicinity, embrace your analytical side and see what they do day-to-day. Do they mention they’ve been dying to try a new fragrance? Do they always light a candle at 4 p.m.? These seemingly insignificant behaviors could lead to a meaningful gift.

Ask Yourself Would I Want This?

This one seems fairly obvious, but think about what you would actually be excited (and not excited) to unwrap come unveiling time. It doesn’t have to be an all-star gift, but a gift card to the local salad spot simply won't do.

Avoid Obvious Stores

We know Zara’s affordable prices may lure you in, but try to visit a specialty shop that gives your gift a story. 

No Gift Cards Allowed

How to Buy the Best Secret Santa Gift


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Unless they specifically say they want one, don’t do the gift card. If they really wanted to put $25 toward Juice Press, they’d probably just spend their own money. 

Creatively Wrap It

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas


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This one’s key! Make your gift stand out from the pack with unique wrapping paper or even a nontraditional bow, and you might just see your present make its way onto the good ole Instagram.

Shop Our Secret Gifting Suggestions

Don’t underestimate the importance of a stylish gift that’s also useful, like a metallic PopSockets Grip.

A little humor never hurts.

A true crowd pleaser, and it's customizable. 

I’d be very pleased with this chic hand sanitizer as a gift. 

The kind of unique and pretty accessory that makes everyone ask, “Where’d you get those?”

This desk accessory is one the entire office can appreciate.

Who doesn’t love fancy soap? 

A gift to charm their socks off… or on.

You know it’s time for a beanie upgrade.

For the co-worker who’s always on the go. 

What’s more alluring: the incense or the packaging?

A bit of poetry to feed the soul.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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