4 Jewelry Trends Scandi Girls Will Be Wearing in 2024


(Image credit: Elhanati)

I've made no secret of my love for all things Scandi. I typically focus on clothing brands, but right now I want to highlight one of my favorite Danish jewelry labels: Elhanati. It was founded in 2011 by Orit Elhanati, who was born in Copenhagen and is of Greek, Israeli, and Danish descent. Her stunning jewelry pieces are like mini works of art, so I knew she'd be the perfect person to ask about 2024 trends

"For our clients, it's not just about the end product; it's about the journey," Elhanati told Who What Wear. "Our clients love to see where the magic happens, and how the pieces are made. With the launch of our first flagship store in Copenhagen that houses our workshop, this has become a special part of the process. We have clients flying in from New York, Paris, and all over the world for their engagement and wedding jewelry to get the full experience." Scroll down to read her thoughts on the 2024 jewelry trends Scandi girls will love. 

1. Black Gemstones

"Black gemstones, almost gothic in their expression, are a huge part of Elhanati," said Elhanati. "Our Black Orchid collection and our new collaboration with sculptor Conie Vallese embrace the Renaissance period in a modern setting. Both collections are designed to empower the woman and to look just as good both as an everyday piece but also as a big statement piece for that special occasion." 

2. Oversize Pieces

"Our signature style of working with gold is incredible when it's blown up on a large canvas. Combining these huge art deco earrings and necklace amulets with clean, minimalistic Scandinavian lines creates a very special red carpet statement look—I have some very cool pieces up my sleeve!" 

3. Symbols, Amulets, and Spirituality

"Each piece tells a unique story, featuring symbols and elements that resonate with the wearer. I can feel there is a craving for something spiritual, so next year we are embracing this part of our DNA and introducing a line of special pieces." 

4. Heirloom-Worthy Jewelry

"Our clients are on a quest for jewelry that goes beyond surface beauty, something with a deeper connection that is not just beautiful but profoundly meaningful. These heirlooms are designed to be passed down through generations, making the emotional connection between the jewelry and its owner all the more significant."

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