Gut-Friendly Essentials to Have You Feeling (and Looking) Your Best This Summer

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If you're a regular reader, you know we're big fans of Sakara Life, the plant-rich, nutrient-dense meal-delivery service that keeps our skin glowing, our gut in check and our tummies full while giving us the energy we need to get through our days. It's no surprise, then, that our office was thrown into a mild frenzy when Sakara launched its Shop Clean Boutique.

This one-stop-shop features delicious, functional food and supplements to nourish your mind and body. While we'll still be opting in to our weekly Sakara Life meal deliveries (I mean, just look at next week's menu), we'll also be keeping these purse-friendly options on hand. Scroll to shop them for yourself, and do yourself a favor and get an extra bag of the Dark Chocolate Granola… You'll thank us later.

PS, looking for a bit more of a reset before a summer filled with burgers, rosé, and plenty of ice cream? Sakara's new Level II Detox will temporarily eliminate common dietary stressors, allowing your body to release years of toxins, reboot the metabolism, and heal your gut.

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