This Is the Reason Everyone Is Wearing a Safety Pin Right Now

If there’s one thing Americans can perhaps agree on post–Tuesday night’s election results, it's that we’re all a bit divided—a sad and scary thought, but a true one nonetheless. However, there has been a movement on the rise that’s working to publicly (and somewhat subtly) unify Americans, and it all has to do with wearing a safety pin.

As Huffington Post reports, the appearance of safety pins worn on clothing began as a response to Brexit earlier this year. It was a discreet sign of solidarity with immigrants living in the UK—a sign to show others they are safe with the wearer. The same trend has now taken off in the U.S. as people have begun to wear—and of course, share—safety pins this week.

Attaching the pin to your lapel, pocket, etc., is a sign of support and alliance with immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and many other likeminded individuals. Furthermore, it's not the first subtle signifier of unity that's come to light after the election. Namely, there was also Hillary Clinton's purple concession speech suit that's been widely perceived as a nod to bipartisanship. 

Scroll down to see just a few of the many examples of the safety pin movement.


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