The Rory Gilmore Fashion Moments That Will Go Down in History

Gilmore Girls fans out there—this one's for you. Although Rory Gilmore was known for many things, we will admit that being the most on-trend girl in Stars Hallow was not her biggest priority in life, what with Chilton, Dean, Jess, Logan, Yale, Lorelai, writing, and reading every book under the sun all on her perfectly organized agenda. However, there are a few Rory Gilmore fashion moments we feel do deserve a quick round of applause.

Of course, there's the iconic Chilton uniform, featuring its dark navy blazer, plaid pleated skirt, and white knee-high socks; the darling dress she wore to help her mother (try to) win the Stars Hallow dance marathon; and (how could we forget?) her prom dress with date Dean. (Side note: Are you team Dean, Logan, or Jess?) It's Rory Gilmore fashion moments like these that have us not only stealing a few quirky styling tips for our own lives but also taking a quick trip down Gilmore Girls memory lane. Because if you know anything about the beloved series, you know it's not just a TV show—it's a lifestyle.

Keep reading to see the Rory Gilmore fashion moments that true fans will never forget!