The Brains Behind Reliquia and Valet Studio Just Launched Another Brand

If handbags are your weakness, Respiro Studio is the new local brand you need to know about. The sister label to Australian jewellery brands Valet Studio and Reliquia, Respiro has the same cool, cult vibe we've come to love and know the jewellery brands for. 

The debut collection is made up of two resin styles in a selection of colours and finishes (think pink glitter and a bold red). If you're looking for a way to inject some fun into your wardrobe for Summer, one of these bags is the perfect way to go about it. 

Both bags are available to shop now on Valet Studio for $279, and while the offering is small, there are more styles set to drop throughout November and December. We're calling it—a Respiro bag is summer's It accessory. 

Shop our Respiro Studio picks below:



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