Reliquia Is Trying Something New, and We're All For It

We first fell in love with Reliquia for its dainty gold necklaces and earrings, but no trend can last forever—and we’re calling it that Reliquia has hit the mark with their latest collection: Pearls. We’re certain that these are about to be the next big thing, and they're nothing like the ones your grandma used to wear.  

Instead of feeling stuffy or overtly formal, Reliquia’s new collection feels natural and laid back. With imperfect cuts, and a nautical vibe, the collection could easily be worn everyday or dressed up for more formal occasions. While we do love minimalist gold jewellery and the ever-popular simple hoop, this year we’ve been seeing statement earrings making a comeback. Whereas normcore style dictated that simple jewellery was better in past seasons, 2018 is feeling a lot bolder and jewellery trends are mirroring this attitude.

This may be the first time that Reliquia is using pearls in its jewellery, but we sincerely hope that it won’t be the last. Elegant and refined, yet fun and on-trend, these pearl pieces are suited to every fashion girl’s taste. Chances are, considering the brand’s cult-like following, you’re about to see these pearl pieces everywhere this upcoming season. Might we suggest snapping up new piece of jewellery for yourself, you know, just to stay one step ahead of the game?

Shop our favourite Reliquia pearl jewellery:
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