The Red Carpet Isn’t Just For Celebs Anymore, Here’s Why

As anyone who lives in L.A. can tell you, red carpet events are an almost daily occurrence. One drive down Sunset Boulevard and you'll spot a celeb in a beautiful custom couture gown you saw go down the runway just a few months back. Unfortunately we typically aren't personally invited to stroll down the red carpet ourselves; we tend to settle for scrolling through the best-dressed galleries, admiring all the glamorous looks from the comfort of our couches.

But San Francisco–based personal styling service company Stitch Fix wanted to change all that. One recent sunny afternoon at The Grove, the company created a red carpet experience in the middle of the outdoor mall—paparazzi and journalists included. We sent WWW Managing Editor Kristen Nichols and blogger Sheryl Luke of Walk in Wonderland to host a portion of the event, where they saw the red carpet come to life. Keep reading to see what they thought.

Rather than going for a more traditional red carpet look, Nichols opted for a chic all-beige suit to fit her hosting duties. And before her interview with Sheryl, she couldn’t help but turn her inner journalist on and see what shoppers at The Grove felt while they walked down the red carpet.

With the flashing lights of the cameras and the buzz of all the journalists in the press pit, Nichols wanted to know how each of the bystanders felt after walking the red carpet. Their responses? Everything from “I felt like a princess” to “That just boosted my confidence!”

Luke, too, was taken aback by how comfortable everyone felt walking down a red carpet usually reserved for the rich and famous. “You always equate the red carpet with poise and style, but this was more about having fun and being comfortable while celebrating personal style. It just reinforced for me that confidence is the best thing you can wear,” she told Nichols.

For many of the shoppers, this was their first time walking down a red carpet. Nichols spotted some truly stylish girls, including a few who were rocking all-white sneakers and on-trend neon outfits. Not that we’d expect anything less from L.A. girls.

Our conclusion? It doesn’t really matter how stylish you are or what you’re wearing when you muster up the courage to step outside during this incredibly cold winter. Confidence is what looked best on everyone. Find moments in your daily life to celebrate a la Stitch Fix’s book.