Réalisation Is Having an Epic Sale—Here's What's in My Shopping Cart

I know you're just as obsessed with Réalisation's flirty floral dresses and slip skirts as I am, so prepare to lose it when you hear the following news: The cult Australian fashion brand is currently having a sale, but not just any old sale. Now through Tuesday, it's offering 20% off of every single items. That one—okay, several—pieces I've been eyeing for months? They're finally heading straight into my shopping cart, and I highly suggest you do the same, seeing as the brand's popular pieces have a tendency to sell out at the speed of light.

Seconds after hearing about the sale, I checked to make sure that its Christy dress was still in stock in my size. What can I say? I fell in love with the simple '90s-inspired shape after seeing how good it looks on literally everyone, and it's been at the top of my shopping list ever since. Inevitably, more of the dreamy prints found their way into my shopping cart while I was scrolling through the site, and suddenly it was filled with all of my favorites, from the tiger-printed Kaia top to the cult-favorite Naomi slip skirt.

Seriously—don't sleep on this sale. Drop whatever you're doing right now and shop Réalisation's site (just be sure to use the code HARVESTMOON when you check out). If you don't know where to start, scroll down to shop the items (formerly) residing in my cart.

I highly recommend shopping your favorites ASAP—Réalisation's cult pieces are never in stock for very long.

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