We Bet We Can Figure Out Your Style in 8 Questions

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Nayiri Mampourian
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

Hi! I'm Nayiri, Who What Wear's senior fashion editor for branded content based in my hometown, Los Angeles. It all began in 2014 when I landed an internship at the company and never looked back. While I do love writing my fair share of fashion stories, my heart really belongs in the brainstorm room when I have fun strategizing different ways to create content with our fashion partners so that you engage with the brands you know and love. My style tends to be more classic (I love a good black-and-white look with gold accessories), and white pumps are kind of my thing. If I had to pick one person's wardrobe to raid, it would be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's, and I also have a major obsession with interior design. I'm a mom to a 1-year-old baby girl named Sophie, and I fully plan on training her to spot fashion trends by the time she's 10. That's all!