My Morning Routine Is Less Than 30 Minutes—Here's How I Do It

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning? A well-rounded morning routine sets the tone for the day and gets you prepped—both mentally and physically—before diving into a packed schedule filled with emails, chores, happy hours, workouts, and more. Our series Morning Person profiles those who have mastered the art of the morning routine. Tune in every Monday morning here and on our Instagram to learn exactly how the pros get it all done before the sun comes up, from their go-to breakfasts to their a.m. workouts.


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As someone who helps document other people's morning routines on a weekly basis (shameless plug—have you been tuning into our Morning Person series every Monday morning on Instagram?), I'm a bit out of my element now that the tables have turned and I'm revealing exactly what I do every a.m. Full disclosure: I don't enjoy a lengthy morning routine. While I commend those that have the self-control to get themselves up at the crack of dawn, squeeze in a workout, cook a breakfast of eggs and spinach, and still have time to meditate, that's just not my style. I incorporate wellness into my routine, yes, but I am also focused on getting to my job on time without sacrificing too much sleep.

If you have been wanting to create a morning routine for yourself but are worried you don't have enough time, I have some tips. Read on for the morning routine I do daily that takes me less than 30 minutes.

8:15 a.m.

I'm blessed with a pretty short commute (before you get too envious, I should share that I used to live in the suburbs of Long Island and commute to Manhattan each day daily, often waking up as early as 5 a.m.), which means I really don't need to wake up too early. Because of this luxury, I typically set my alarm for 8:15 a.m. and snooze once or twice—yes, it's a habit I still need to break. My real alarm though is my pup. Once she hears me stir, she'll lick my face until I get out of bed to take on her morning walk.

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8:30 a.m.

Being a social media editor and all, I do check my phone first thing in the morning so I can post on Instagram and check for any urgent emails, texts, or calls. But I don't scroll through my social media channels or respond to group chats until I reach the office simply because I would never get to work on time if I wasted time scrolling and sending memes to my friends (and I send a lot). I also keep my phone on Do Not Disturb from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. It helps keep me focused on my morning rituals and helps me get a full eight to nine hours of sleep each night. I am from the East Coast, remember, so the time difference ensures I am not getting woken up by pings from friends and family in the middle of the night. 

After I post on Instagram, I scoop my dog up and take her outside for a quick walk and a bout of fresh air. I love getting outside first thing in the morning. Instead of checking the weather app, I get to feel what it's actually like outside, and it really sets a positive tone for my day.

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8:35 a.m.

I quickly come back inside and officially start my morning routine. My dog is practically begging for me to feed her, so I quickly prep her food and, while she eats, brew my coffee. I am obsessed with the Vital Proteins Collagen Lattes (Vanilla Madagascar is my favorite), so I will mix two scoops into the hot coffee and, since I prefer my brew iced, let it cool in the kitchen as I get ready. I am not a breakfast person, but the collagen has 10 grams of protein that keeps me satisfied until lunchtime.

After making my coffee, I fill up my water bottle and start sipping ASAP. I never drink coffee without hydrating my body first. I'm also prone to headaches and deal with caffeine-induced anxiety, so this helps prevent any of those issues from impacting the rest of my day. 

8:40 a.m.

Now is the time where I really start to get ready for work. My number one tip is that my morning routine really starts in the evenings. I always shower at night (especially because I exercise after work) and select what I am going to wear the following day before bed. It seriously makes such a difference in helping me get out the door faster! I also journal for a few minutes and diffuse essential oils on a nightly basis, which are two rituals I swear by to prevent any morning anxiety.

I throw my clothes on, brush my teeth with natural toothpaste (I also floss at night to save time) and wash my face. I don't usually touch my hair besides throwing it in a ponytail or straightening some loose ends with a hot iron. 

8:45 a.m.

I keep my beauty routine pretty simple, which really helps with a quick morning routine. I rub some jojoba oil all over my face as a moisturizer and spritz on some lavender mist. It smells so good and really puts me in a better mood. Next, I apply foundation, lightly dust on some bronzer, fill in my brows, and apply a little mascara. I really like a natural look and just can't bother with a more intense makeup routine. 

8:55 a.m.

I'm almost ready to head out, but I can't leave my apartment without first making my bed. I don't know if it's the Capricorn in me, but my bedroom is my sanctuary, and I enjoy coming home to something that looks put-together. I straighten up any other messes, pour my coffee into a Yeti cup filled with ice, and grab my lunch that I packed the night before. 

9 a.m.

My workday officially starts at 9:30 a.m., so depending on L.A. traffic, I will arrive at the office anytime between 20 to 30 minutes later. I'll then be head down checking emails, writing Instagram captions, and scheduling pins on Pinterest for the rest of the day!

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