I Swore I'd Never Wear Purple, But These 6 Looks Changed My Mind

In high school, my uniform was a very vibrant shade of purple. Everything from my school dress to my blazer and school bag was created in the violet hue. In fact, the school was so committed to our school colour that several classrooms had purple carpets and even the chairs in our assembly hall matched the consistent theme. 

After being completely surrounded by the colour for six years, upon leaving high-school, I swore I'd never wear purple again. And over the last ten years, I've managed to stay true to this rule, practically avoiding the hue altogether—even in 2018 when ultraviolet was dubbed Pantone's colour of the year. However, this summer, it seems my evasion of the shade is set to end as a few key looks have managed to convince me to try the colour once more. 

With Nina Sandbech leading the charge, purple has begun to pop up all over my social media feed. Though it's not the statement-making shade I was deterred by in my youth. This season, we're seeing a subtle shade of pastel purple gaining popularity and it's pretty enough to change the mind of even the toughest of critics (myself included). From shirts to blazers, slip dresses to bucket hats, these photos have convinced me to try them all. Keep scrolling to see how influencers are styling the shade and then shop my favourite purple pieces below. 

Purple Outfit Inspiration


(Image credit: @ninasandbech)


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(Image credit: @ninasandbech)


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(Image credit: @ninasandbech)

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