4 Pregnancy Body Types (and How to Dress Them) 


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Mastering maternity style is certainly not the easiest thing to do. But by using the tips and tricks from some of our favorite parents-to-be, and of course, maternity designers, the challenge of properly dressing your baby bump (and specifically your pregnancy body type) becomes, less challenging.

Now to get the lowdown on all things maternity style–related, we spoke with Cecile Reinaud, designer of Kate Midleton–approved maternity brand Seraphine, to help us break down the four most common pregnancy body types (and how to best dress them). So, expectant parents, it's time to take note because Reinaud offered up some seriously good style tips.

Even Weight Distribution 

For this pregnancy body type, weight gain is distributed evenly across the entire body—not just the bump. As Reinaud notes, flattering this body shape is all about "elongating the silhouette to achieve a longer, leaner look." So how does one do this? "A soft A-line dress with a 3⁄4-length sleeve is ideal to show off your bump while skimming over the areas you'd rather keep covered," she explains. As for the perfect accessory? A waterfall cardigan does wonders to create the illusion of an elongated frame.

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Carrying Low

Carrying low, as the phrase suggests, means your bump is sitting low on the belly— just above your hips. To avoid adding any extra pressure across the bump, Reinaud suggests choosing pieces that are soft at the waist. "The most flattering styles for this type will draw attention up toward the face to balance out the silhouette—a cropped jacket or cardigan will do the job perfectly."

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Carrying High

The opposite of carrying low is, you guessed it, carrying high, which means your bump sits high, typically just under the bust. To best flatter this pregnancy body type, Reinaud recommends defining your curves by emphasizing the empire waist. "Adding a belt is a great way to cinch in your waist, or you could try a stylish wrap maternity dress," she says.

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A petite pregnancy shape means your baby weight goes to your bump—and you keep your naturally thin frame. Per Reinaud, "Petite mamas look fantastic in fitted styles but can easily be swamped by anything too loose and baggy." She suggests a bodycon maternity dress to highlight a slim frame (and make the bump pop). As for the best patterns for a petite frame? "Anything with horizontal stripes is a guaranteed hit."

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