Pencil Skirts Are Cool Again, So Long as You Wear Them Like This

The past few seasons have been dominated by distressed denim, hoodies and blazers, but this year it looks like things are about to get a little more polished and a whole lot prettier. One of the key buys for S/S 18 is pencil skirts. However, they have had a makeover so they are no longer corporate and boxy items saved for the city set. Firstly, the hemline is a little longer, so that they are more flattering than those styles that fall on the knee. Then they are no longer just black, navy or pinstripe grey: The new wave of pencil skirts come in more adventurous prints and striking colours. Then when it comes to fit, many designers like Victoria Beckham and Off-White have loosened up the form by adding in slits, buttons and using flowing, softer fabrics. No longer just for work, when paired with a white T-shirt and sandals, these make a perfect breezy Sunday brunch look too. Next up, keep scrolling to see how designers are re-working the pencil skirt and then shop the trend. 

Pencil skirt trend: Off/White



Off White S/S 18

Style Notes: Pencil skirts were at the heart of Off-White's Princess Diana–inspired S/S 18 collection. 

Pencil skirt trend: Victoria Beckham



Victoria Beckham S/S 18 

Style Notes: Pencil skirts are no longer stiff and corporate, as shown by this flowing Victoria Beckham style. 

Pencil skirt trend: Prada



Prada S/S/ 18

Style Notes: Prada is leading the pencil skirt comeback, with styles that sit high on the waist and fall mid-calf. 

Shop the Trend: 

Many of today's pencil skirts are also adorned with buttons. 

Ruched detailing helps a snug fit feel more forgiving.