18 Stylish Buys From Your Parents' Favourite Hiking Brand

If you'd have scrolled through the "tagged" tab of Patagonia's Instagram account three years ago, you would've seen the following: ruddy-faced hikers perched on a mountain top, grinning anglers brandishing their latest catch and hardcore outdoorsy people carving spoons by their remote log cabin. Fashion influencers? Not so much. Fast-forward to 2020, and the brand's feed is now dotted with younger, style-conscious individuals—aka a lesser-spotted breed in the world of adventure sportswear.


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Following on from last year's foray into hiking boots and sandals (we're looking at your Teva), it's only natural that the rest of the outdoorsy family would follow. It seems as though lockdown has brought out a more practical approach amongst the fashion crowd, with fleeces, white tees and sliders making up a large proportion of their wardrobes this spring. We've gone from the odd token nod to a track sole or high-tech fabric to a full-on, survivalist mentality.


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Furthermore, with conscious consumption becoming an increasingly important consideration (happy Earth Day everyone!), Patagonia could not be more on the money. Long before sustainability became a trending twitter term, the brand was leading the way in its use of recycled fabrics, supply chain transparency and longevity—all items come with an "ironclad guarantee," which means if you're not happy with one of its products, or something doesn't perform to your satisfaction, you can send it back for repair or replacement. Now that's what we call an all-rounder. Scroll down to see the hiker buys we're loving this year.

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