How to Be the Best-Dressed Woman at the Party

We all have dreams of walking into the room at a party and having heads turn for all the right reasons. (It's a little like walking down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway or running into your ex...) Off the runway, we can all have our very own Bella Hadid moment, so we reached out to Shannon Thomas of Désordre boutique in Sydney, to find out her best tips. Thomas is an expert when it comes to event dressing and always strikes the perfect balance between subtle and sexy. If you've ever stepped foot into her Darlinghurst store, you'll know that shopping there feels like you're hanging with one of your best girlfriend's in her giant walk-in closet. 

It's a comfortable space, and Thomas always encourages her clients to try new things. I always vowed I'd never wear a crop top, but a few years ago, after about 11 minutes in Désordre, I walked out with a matching crop top and skirt combo. Thomas knows what suits real women, and gives the best advice on how to always turn heads.

Keep scrolling for her best tips, and some showstopping pieces to shop along the way.

Confidence Over Everything

"What’s an outfit unless you feel comfortable in it? It pays to know your assets, and dress for them—and that doesn’t have to mean in a provocative way. And go by what you love yourself in—maybe it’s a great pair of pants, or a strapless dress. Feeling beautiful in yourself will really shine—you don’t have to wear a ‘dress’ just because an event’s dress code is cocktail. You can wear a sleek jumpsuit, or top and skirt combo—it’s important to feel like yourself."

Know the dress code

"This can be tricky, and might need interpretation from the host. If an invite says ‘black tie’, but the venue doesn’t feel like it lends itself to a ball gown, confirm with your host—dress codes can be a little relaxed these days but it’s important to dress appropriately. You'll feel confident in your outfit knowing you're on theme."

Clean and Simple

"Too much is not always the key to being best dressed. If you have heavy makeup, go for simple hair. A clean natural blow dry with lots of lashes or a strong red lip is perfect for this time of year. Keep it clean and chic, same goes with the outfit!" 

shop party pieces

Team this '60s shift with midi heels and a white top handle bag.

Can totally feel this with a pair of embellished flats.

Style your hair into a casual top-knot and add giant hoop earrings.

Pair this pretty lace top with high-waisted jeans and metallic heels.

Wear nude strappy heels with this statement dress.

A little lace bralet is all you need under this low-cut jumpsuit.

Yellow pants might feel a bit 'out there', but when paired with a white tee, they're magic.

You'll be able to transform this classic black jumpsuit for multiple parties.

Opening image: Style Du Monde

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