European Women Are Wearing These 7 Winter Trends, and They're All at Nordstrom


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There's just something about European style that we Americans can't get enough of. Even when they're wearing something casual and low-key, the fashion people of Paris, London, Milan, Stockholm, and other cities always seem to dress with a certain polish—and I'll go to the ends of the internet in search of ways to re-create their looks myself. I recently did just that and figured I'd share my findings with you here.

I always admire how women in cold climates manage to keep warm and stay chic at the same time—something I'm always looking to emulate especially in January. Below, I've rounded up some exceptionally well-dressed women in some of the chilliest cities all across Europe, including Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. Scroll down to discover all the winter trends that Europeans are wearing with right now, and shop versions at Nordstrom.

Faux-Fur Coats


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Scandinavia's best dressers have been wearing their fluffiest, furriest, and shaggiest faux fur coats long before there was the "mob wife" aesthetic, and they'll continue to douse themselves in the luxe outerwear long after the algorithm moves onto new territories. The choice in coats is both motivated by the bitter cold that plagues northern European winters, but also out of a certain Scandi aesthetic that's defined by a certain whimsical and bold look, faux furs included.

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Pops of Burgundy


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Winter style in Europe relies heavily on a wash of neutral tones like beiges and grays, so to break up all the monotony, I've noticed how this set is reaching for one or two burgundy items to make their looks really pop. Whether it's a burgundy bag, pair of shoes, or layering top, the rich color adds such a luxurious element.

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Capes, Wraps, and Shawls


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Layering is something this crowd has mastered, but this season specifically, they're employing a mode of layering that looks like straight-up luxury. European women are swathing themselves in all manner of capes, wraps, shawls, and scarves and the effect gives off an air of wealth. Whether it's via a matching scarf-coat moment like the viral Tôteme jacket or achieved simply through a cashmere wrap, wearing a cape-like layer atop your coat is a theme I can't stop seeing right now.

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Fuzzy Hats


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Winter accessories are a must and stylish women in cold cities know that if you have to wear hats, gloves, and scarves, you might as well choose the chicest options available. Right now, they're all favoring hats with fuzzy shearling and faux-fur textures like cuff hats and bucket hats. 

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Luxe Belts


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Winter outfits can get boring very quickly, no matter how skilled at styling you are, so wearing a luxurious belt is one way these women add interest and polish to even their most simple looks. No doubt 2023 was the year of the belt and clearly, the outlook for 2024 is pretty consistent. 

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Shades of Gray


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While it's easy to revert to the all-black look this time of year, I've noticed Europe's savviest dressers are opting for shades of gray instead. We spotted this trend all over the 2024 runways and now, cool gray tones that evoke the "corporate core" aesthetic are invading, especially when worn via tailoring like trousers and blazers.

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Barrel-Leg Jeans


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Barrel-leg jeans that feature a wide, tapered fit are quickly on the rise in Europe (and here in the U.S. for that matter). This group is opting for the denim style when they want to be a tad more casual, and the jeans happen to pair well with the other popular winter items they're wearing, too, like faux fur outerwear and classic handbags.

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