6 Winter Outfits From Women in the Coldest Cities in Europe

Every time I tell someone I'm tired of L.A.'s year-round heat, they contend that I wouldn't feel the same way if I had to sludge through the snow on a daily basis. I'm not saying they're wrong, but I still get excited to bust out my neglected coats and sweaters for winter trips to snowy locales (including Scandinavia!).

I always admire how women in cold climates manage to keep warm and stay chic at the same time—something I haven't been able to master quite yet living in SoCal. Below, I've rounded up some exceptionally well-dressed women in some of the chilliest cities all across Europe, including Moscow, which reaches an average high of 23 degrees Fahrenheit in January.

Not far behind, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen are all known for cold winter temperatures and chic inhabitants, so I had to include them as well. Scroll down for outfit ideas inspired by stylish women in these cities.




Christian Vierig/Getty Images





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