6 Older Winter Trends I Just Purged From My Closet and What I Want Instead

Now that we're about to enter winter, I'm examining my winter wardrobe and doing a good bit of editing. Over the last few years, I've tried my hand at a fair share of trends, so my lineup of boots, sweaters, and coats is currently a mishmash of clashing aesthetics, a lot of which no longer align with my personal style. Not only has this made it harder to get dressed during the cooler season, but it's also maxed out my closet space and made it that much trickier to squeeze in any new buys. With that, I sat down for a much-needed assessment and, after taking stock of my winter pieces, decided to remove six outdated winter fashion trends that no longer feel fresh. Items like lug-sole boots and printed tights that I hoarded for years are getting the boot while I set my sights on a few 2023 updates that will make all my 'fits feel more aligned with where my style is today.

Keep reading to see which staples I'm cutting out for good and which I'll rely on to get me through the next few months. 

Phasing Out: Polo-Neck Sweaters

Reaching For: Red Sweaters


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Let's talk about sweaters because mine could definitely use a refresh. I've never been much of a preppy dresser, so I'm feeling ready to part with my polo-neck knits since they always felt a bit too collegiate for my personal style. Instead, I'm excited about the addition of a bright cherry-red sweater to add a pop of color to my cold-weather outfits.

Phasing Out: Heavy Lug-Sole Boots

Reaching For: Stiletto Boots



I pretty much live in the same one or two pairs of boots all fall and winter, so I pick a style that I can wear with everything. This season, that's stiletto knee-high boots that I'm wearing with all my skirts, dresses, and jeans. I'm parting ways with lug-sole styles that no longer feel like the sleekest or most elegant option in comparison.

When it comes to coats, I'm exclusively committed to sleek maxi ones this winter. In seasons past, I tried my hand at more outgoing styles like statement puffers, but in 2023, I'm keeping things ultra classic for my own wardrobe. That means coats that are structured and tailored and come in a wool or wool-blend fabric. I just picked up this incredible maxi coat from COS and just know I'll be wearing it on repeat from now until March.

Phasing Out: Logo-Printed Tights

Reaching For: Sheer and Fishnet Tights

I'll admit that I hadn't owned fishnets in years, but after spotting their major comeback on the fall runways, notably at Tory Burch, and the cool styling ideas they came with, I'm excited to experiment with them again. Classic black fishnets and simple sheer tights like the ones at Miu Miu are what I'm prioritizing the most, and I swapped out any logos and loud prints I had in my tight drawer.

Phasing Out: Pearl Earrings

Reaching For: '80s Earrings



If I'm wearing jewelry right now, it's going to be bold and '80s inspired. I'm deeply obsessed with the chunky-earring trend right now, and I love the way the bold earrings make even a plain white tee look downright glamorous. The pearl earrings I have are, sadly, being placed on the back burner in the meantime.



Classic oval sunglasses that look like they could have time-traveled from the '90s are all I want to wear. They're ultimately a timeless silhouette, but with the rise of styles like Prada's popular 55mm Irregular Sunglasses, sleek oval shapes are once again having a moment. For me, they're eclipsing those retro colored lenses that I bought into a few years ago.