It's Dumping Season—7 Outdated Shoe Trends We're Officially Parting Ways With


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Nothing allows you to visualize just how much stuff you own quite like a move, something I happened to do last weekend. As expected, I was shocked to see the pure quantity of pieces I'd somehow stored in my 400-square-foot apartment when I went to pack up my belongings, most of which are fashion related in some way. But the most mind-boggling of all was my shoe collection. Knowing I can't exactly bring 50+ pairs of sandals, boots, flats, sneakers, and more to my new space, I set out on a closet cleanout of epic proportions, and I didn't do it alone.

To help me get into the right mindset for the job at hand, I asked a few of my fellow Who What Wear editors to share the outdated shoe trends they are preparing to part ways with this season. And as always, they didn't disappoint. From chunky, lug-sole sandals to sky-high platforms, see which shoe trends the WWW team isn't bringing with them into summer. Don't forget to take notes. I know I did. 

Dumping: Gladiator Sandals

Keeping: Minimal Sandals


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"We've been seeing plenty of Y2K trends come back lately, but one look I'd rather not resurrect is gladiator sandals. A little strap action up the leg is fine, but I actually prefer more minimal sandals right now. Aeyde is one brand that's absolutely perfecting the sleek and simple vibe I'm after." — Erin Fitzpatrick, associate director of fashion news 


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Shop minimal sandals:

Dumping: Uncomfortable Stilettos

Keeping: Wedges


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"I want to have the best summer ever and enjoy being in the moment with my friends, so I'm putting comfort first. While I used to sacrifice comfort for a good pair of stilettos, I am surprised to say I recently donated a few of my former favorite pairs. A rising trend among the fashion crowd is wedge sandals in all forms. Since they provide a lot more stability and style, I'll be choosing them over and over this summer." — Sierra Mayhew, associate fashion editor


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Shop wedges:

Dumping: Chunky, Lug-Sole Sandals

Keeping: Snakeskin Sandals


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"Super chunky, lug-sole sandals were everywhere last summer, but I'm ready to move on to something sleeker (and easier to pack). I've been on the hunt for a pair of simple, snakeskin sandals as they literally go with everything, and this stunning Khaite pair is the top contender at this point." — Allyson Payer, senior editor


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Shop snakeskin sandals:

Dumping: Super-High Platforms

Keeping: Mary Janes


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"There's something playful yet polished about pretty Mary Janes, and I'm looking forward to wearing flat and heeled iterations with everything from miniskirts to jeans this spring and summer. For now, I'll be skipping super-high platforms in favor of this more versatile trend." — Judith Jones, senior market editor 


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Shop mary-janes:

Dumping: Chunky Sneakers

Keeping: Retro Sneakers


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"Chunky sneakers aren't completely out, but we're seeing less and less exaggerated chunky platforms. Now, you're more likely to see retro-inspired sneakers on the fashion set. You'll still catch some chunkier pairs from New Balance, but sleeker pairs from Adidas really have everyone's attention right now." — Yusra Siddiqui, associate fashion editor


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Shop retro sneakers:

Dumping: Velcro, Sporty Sandals

Keeping: Leather Flip Flops


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"Sporty Velcro sandals definitely had their moment in fashion and my closet, but they no longer feel like the most timeless or elevated option, so they are sadly on the chopping block. Instead, I'm looking to classic leather flip-flops that I can wear for years to come." — Anna LaPlaca, fashion editor


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Shop leather flip flops:

Dumping: PVC Heels

Keeping: Moto Boots


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"I know some people still love PVC heels, but I always found them deeply uncomfortable, apart from a few select pairs. Because of that, I'm finally getting rid of the ones I bought two summers ago and wore only a handful of times. My favorite moto boots, however, get worn all year long. I love styling them in the summer with slip dresses or shorts but also getting to play around with them in colder months, pairing them with tights and long skirts. They're almost shockingly versatile." — Eliza Huber, fashion editor


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