I Live in a Big City—I Stopped Wearing These 5 Items But Love These New Trends

Elaine Davis is a New York City–based influencer who adores fashion and consistently tests out a variety of items and trends. As she’s been giving various fresh pieces a whirl this season, she’s come to the conclusion that some of the items are turning out to be front-runners in her wardrobe. These pieces are modern and easy and therefore work for her life in the city. On the flip side, there are also a few items she’s not reaching for as much anymore, because she’s into some of the newer trends in question.

"I'm definitely that girl who inserts a few trends into her wardrobe each season to freshen it up," she said. "I love swapping out pieces that I’m a bit bored with or pieces that aren’t currently making life easier."

Keep scrolling to check out the items Davis is all about, along with those she's storing away (for now at least). Of course, keep in mind that you should always wear whatever you love, regardless of what anyone says. There's also a range of visual and shopping inspiration coming your way.

Wearing: Espadrilles

Not Wearing as Much: Super-High Heels


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"Espadrilles are trending, and I couldn’t be happier, so I’m choosing this comfy and chic shoe and giving my strappy high-heel sandals a break this spring and summer." — Davis

Wearing: Lightweight Suiting

Not Wearing as Much: Older Sweats


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"Like many of us, athleisure pieces and sweats have been the go-to for the past year, and fresh linen suiting pieces are a stylish welcomed change." — Davis 

Wearing: Woven and Straw Bags

Not Wearing as Much: Heavy Leather Totes


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"Although I love a good tote to carry all the things in, I’m swapping out my heavyweight leather and canvas ones for lightweight raffia and straw bags." — Davis 

Wearing: Loose Trousers

Not Wearing as Much: Fitted Jeans


(Image credit: @squarepearls)

"I can’t get enough of the loose-pant look. They’re so chic, edgy, and easy to dress up or down. My jeans will have to take a back seat for a bit." — Davis

Wearing: Bucket Hats

Not Wearing as Much: Standard Baseball Hats


(Image credit: @squarepearls)

"I’ve always loved wearing a cute baseball cap with my casual outfits. Now I’m elevating these looks with bucket hats." — Davis

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Bobby Schuessler
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