When That Summer Heat Kicks In, These "Naked" Tops Are My MVPs

We're only at the start of June, but things are just heating up. Sure, it's hot now, but what about next month when things really get scorching? Next to turning up my AC on full blast and drinking all of the frozen drinks I can stomach, my approach to beating the heat is wearing less. Since walking out naked is socially unacceptable, the next best thing in my closet is open-back tops.

With an exposed back, these tops feel like a wave of relief on a hot summer day. When you're walking outside and even the slightest movement spawns a cascade of sweat, at least you can bet your upper half will stay relatively cool. But the appeal is not entirely functional: Open-back tops are one of the biggest trends of the summer. In preparation for the unbearably warm days ahead, I've already tallied a list of cute ones, so you can skip the hours of browsing for yourself. Ahead, keep clicking to shop what I predict will also be your seasonal hot-weather MVP.

Swap this in for all of your basic white tank tops.

A knit may be risky once it's regularly warm, so save this as an early autumn top.

This also makes a jazzy going-out top.



Kylie Jenner and Gabrielle Union love this top—enough said.

The large back cutout is so simple yet striking.

Outfit suggestion: wearing this with pinstripe, low-rise pants.

The kind of top that makes an entrance without words.

What's a little ruching in the back?

Oh, you already know this is on my wish list.

While most of the backless tops we've seen have razor-thin straps, a new open-back silhouette has emerged. Almost like a crescent moon, this new style has one shoulder covered.

I've always been excited by Isa Boulder's designs, and now that this is on sale, I'm watching it like a hawk.



A little animal print goes a long way.

Silk satin will feel light on the skin on steamy days.

Pair this with a denim miniskirt for the ultimate summer vibe.

You could try fashioning a top like this with a gigantic scarf, but I'll take the shortcut.

I'm obsessed with the detailing on this one.



Matching sets are continuously on my mind, so you already know I'm going for the coordinating pants.

From one of my favorite designers.

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