Why One-Sleeve Tops Are the Next Big Thing

The fashion world is full of matching pairs. Socks, shoes, gloves—we could go on and on. However, we’ve noticed a recent rebellion against these closet clones, having spotted splashy, adventurous iterations like mismatched earrings and even Miu Miu’s contrast lace ballet flats that were an instant street style hit. So it only seems natural that for fall, this asymmetrical, imbalanced trend is continuing on in the form of tops and sweaters—the subject of today’s post. We’ve seen of-the-moment brands like Tibi and Jacquemus offering tops with only one sleeve, and we have to admit it feels not only fresh but also like the very cool cousin to summer’s off-the-shoulder look.

See below to find out where you can buy this piece right now, and be sure to tell us how you’d style it in the comments. We’ll be interested to see how the case of the missing sleeve turns out.