Here's How Fashion Girls Get Ready for the Office Party—at Work

Work holiday parties are tricky occasions to dress for. The fêtes typically land on a weeknight during that busy end-of-year crunch, so they have a funny way of sneaking up on you. Forget the stress of finishing up your “due EOD” deliverables—you’re also frantically primping in the office bathroom and trying to MacGyver your way through wrapping the white elephant gift you just picked up. But that’s all going to change this year. Blogger Michelle Madsen of Take Aim, who is no stranger to putting together outfits in a pinch, is demonstrating (via GIFS and videos, because they’re fun) how to make your office ensemble holiday party-ready in six easy steps. The key is figuring out the two-for-one outfit that will create the perfect duck-to-swan reveal so that you don’t have to pack a whole separate ensemble. 

Swipe left to right to see the transformation; then keep reading for quick, easy tips that’ll make this year's office-to–holiday party transition a breeze.