Date-Night Outfits for Non-Girly Girls

For women whose style leans toward ladylike, picking out a date-night outfit can be fairly painless. Find a cute dress and you’re good to go. But for those who prefer a more androgynous or even masculine-inspired look, it can feel a bit more difficult. How do you stay true to yourself while making sure your date knows you made an effort to look nice? If you’ve ever struggled with this challenge (this editor in particular definitely has), scroll down for spot-on ensembles from some of our favorite fashion bloggers!

Style Tip: Pair a V-neck jumper with leather trousers. Accessorize the look with a printed silk scarf tied around the neck.

Style Tip: Toughen up a ruffled blouse with a leather jacket and wide-leg jeans.

Style Tip: Knot a plaid shirt around a simple slip dress, and finish off the look with a goth-inspired choker.

Style Tip: Opt for a girl-next-door ensemble, and wear a simple sweatshirt with your go-to dark denim.

Style Tip: Test out a boudoir-inspired suit look.

Style Tip: If you like baring a little skin, try a crop top with a tailored blazer layered over it. 

Style Tip: Tuck a slinky camisole into a pair of roomy trousers.

Style Tip: Style a cool band tee with lived-in denim.

Style Tip: Wear your favorite sneakers with tailored shorts and an oversize sweater.

Which outfit would you wear on a date? Tell us in the comments!

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