I Didn't Think Ganni Could Get Any Cooler—Until I Learned This

What comes to mind when you think of cult brand Ganni? Perhaps it's the label's colorful prints or its legions of impossibly cool #GanniGirls from Denmark and every other corner of the globe. What you might not associate the brand with is sustainability. As CEO Nicolaj Reffstrup told Who What Wear, that's actually by design—but that doesn't mean the brand isn't making major strides in the space.

I asked Reffstrup how Ganni balances being cool and on-trend with wanting to be known more for sustainability, and he clarified that it's actually not the end game, per se. "Well actually, we don't want to be known for it," Reffstrup told me. "From my perspective, sustainability is simply a prerequisite for being in business, so it's just something we do because we want to do it. … It will not necessarily become part of our brand DNA or the story of it. It's a different thing if you are a brand that's built entirely on sustainability. Then, of course, you should communicate about that, but we are something different. We're Ganni, and what we do in terms of sustainability is more of a moral responsibility more than anything else."