Frequent Flyers in NYC Know How to Dress—7 Outfits I Saw and Want to Copy RN

NYC is the land of frequent-flyer miles. New Yorkers often joke that people move to this city just to leave every weekend. JFK and LGA are the most frequently visited airports, and they have certainly humbled me countless times with their strict bag-weight regulations, yet I find myself coming back to them time and again to go out on another adventure. As I've lived in and out of New York for over eight years, I've made way too many visits to JFK and LGA to count, and every time, one thing remains the same. I am always captivated by the stylish individuals frequenting these airports, especially since I started floating through the private lounges before a flight. 

Some of my most worn purchases were actually items I noticed travelers wearing at these airports. My friends who live in New York and love fashion choose these bustling travel hubs to show off, planning airport looks together before we take flight. On my most recent visit, I decided to actually jot down notes on the amazing outfits I saw gracefully flouncing down the aisle of the aircraft. Below, discover and shop the aesthetic of the seven types of travelers that caught my eye at JFK, leaving me utterly obsessed.

Best NYC travel outfits



Every cool New Yorker's casual style begins with a pair of very cool sneakers. Lately, color and retro styles have made a splash, and pairing this look with a utility jacket is a no-brainer.

Baseball caps with elevated staples will never get boring for me. I'm obsessed with everything about this look, especially because layering is so important to me on planes, and it's easy to fit in a sweater or extra tee with this look.

Jeans and a skirt in one fashion item will always amaze me. I'm here for this outfit because the jacket can also double as a blanket if your travel day makes you feel a bit cold.



Most people would choose a black or brown coat in the wintertime, but if there's one thing that New Yorkers will do, it's that they will surprise you. On a flight to somewhere cold, a coat is always on my body because there's no way I'm squeezing it into my suitcase.



A graphic T-shirt on a flight is always a good idea. I'd wear one with an all-white look, and even though it's not practical, it feels like a standout among everyone else on the plane.

All-black outfits are required if you live in New York. A lot of luxury travelers that you'll spot among first class and lounges are making their lives easier by wearing an all-black look on the plane.



While at airports in other cities, I see sweatsuits worn in a more basic way. New Yorkers seem to know how to accessorize a set like this and make it 10 times cooler than it was when they bought it.