This New Affordable Handbag Line Lets You Do the Designing

When we hear the name Burch attached to the launch of a fashion label, right off the bat, we’re intrigued. Firstly, we think of the Burch, as in Tory, who’s built a lifestyle empire through her eponymous label. And then, of course, Trademark, the brand spearheaded by Louisa and Pookie Burch, whose next fashion reveal we’ve been waiting for since they ended clothing production. But when we chat with Neely and Chloe Burch, the sisters (nieces to Tory, cousins to Louisa and Pookie) behind the new handbag and shoe brand, Neely & Chloe, we wonder, what’s in a name, anyway? According to these two, it’s really not much unless you’re willing to put in the work and have the product to back it up. That they do.

We’re standing right in the middle of the sisters’ West Village pop-up shop that’ll be open for business through the new year. It’s stocked with their debut collection of direct-to-consumer, all-leather handbags that each ring in under $300. “Our main goal was that we didn’t think there was a handbag out there that was a very high-quality leather but at an attainable price point and deciding to go direct to consumer really allowed that,” Chloe tell us. “We were able to pick a leather that was very high-end and wouldn’t scratch, and bring it to our consumer in her price range.”

The initial collection—which also includes a few flat footwear designs— features silhouettes such as boxy crossbody bags, structured backpacks, and soft, buttery totes. All are minimalistic, clean, and can easily fit into anyone’s everyday wardrobe. But the differentiator, and the one major draw for women who don’t want their style to look just like everyone else’s, is the brand’s ability to customize each handbag with embossing, hand painting, tassels, and much more. “When you receive the bag, it’s no longer about me and Chloe,” Neely says about their strategy for personalization. “It’s about you. Allowing a woman to become part of the experience of creating this product is something that’s really special and different. It’s a connection we wanted to create with the consumer.”

With a keen sense of who their customer is, as well as astute attention to details—“ We love the little gold feet at the bottom,” says Neely of some of the key design elements. “You’ll notice that all of the ones that you’ll even consider setting on the ground have them.”—Neely and Chloe seem to be setting themselves apart from the get-go. They’re aiming for longevity, practicality, and a personal connection, not just another It bag.

Scroll down for a look at the debut collection, all available to shop and customize today.

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