17 "Naked" Tops Fashion Girls Love for Winter

We consider “naked” pieces to be items that are sheer, clear, nude, or barely there. Although, you’re probably all too familiar with the look as it’s the one trend that’s taken the celeb and fashion world by storm this year. While we spotted a slew of It girls in naked items throughout the warmer months (think see-through dresses, flesh-colored swimsuits, and the like), we’re seeing the trend take form in one particular way this winter. That’s right: If a fashion girl is going for the whole “naked” trend, it’s usually in the form of a long-sleeve sheer blouse or top. It honestly makes perfect sense given that you can easily layer with this sort of silhouette with an extra top underneath or an outside piece as well. Keep scrolling for a bit of visual inspiration of fashion girls in their sheer tops, and then shop the styles that are bound to be popular this winter.

Sheer Tops Fashion Girls Wear