The Astrological Sign Known for Being the Most Stylish

Great style is subjective. Period. But for the sake of satisfying our curiosity, we’re asking, just for a moment: What if it’s not? What if it’s fate, or destiny even? Blame this on our love of all things astrology. It’s the same urge that makes us download at least three astrology apps, even if you only want to compare sun signs with your recent fling or check for Mercury in retrograde before you sign a new lease. This time, we looked to the stars—or more specifically, five trusted astrologers—to ask which astrology sign is the trend leader of the bunch. Spoiler alert: They don’t all agree.

It should be prefaced: The sun sign is just a part of a person’s whole birth chart, and therefore, we can’t really make mass assumptions about every Virgo, Scorpio, or Cancer, for instance. But hey, horoscopes are fun, so with this in mind, we asked, who is the biggest trendsetter of the universe? Agree or disagree, but either way, take our expert's opinions with a grain of salt. And feel free to shop out some astrology-specific suggestions below too.

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