Google Data Says These Are the Fastest-Growing Dress Trends Right Now

If there's anything we Brits love, it's a good dress. Polka dots, little black dresses and denim pinafores are styles we all depend on year after year, but in 2019, we've also introduced some newer silhouettes and prints into the mix. In order to decipher the fastest-growing dress trends, I spoke to my friends over at Google, who did some serious number-crunching to pull out three new dress trends currently seeing the biggest increases in searches.

"Little black dresses" is the most searched-for dress term on Google this year, followed by "leopard-print dresses" and "long-sleeved dresses." However, the below three trends are newcomers soaring in popularity. Neon is a key colour this year, with bright greens, oranges and pinks dominating all categories—and our favourite iteration of this trend is with dresses. Brands like Batesheva are ushering in the return of prairie dresses with dramatic collars and vintage prints. Meanwhile, the dress trend taking over the high street is zebra print, as everyone from ASOS to H&M has its own version.

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1. Prairie Dresses


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Prairie dresses might have a polarising reaction, but whether you love or loathe these frilly dresses in curtain prints, the demand for them is certainly on the rise. According to Google stats, there has been a 165% increase year on year in searches for prairie dresses.

2. Zebra-Print Dresses


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When it comes to prints, there's one leading the charge this year: zebra. Google notes that there has been an impressive 395% increase in zebra-print dresses year on year. The below ASOS maxi dress might have a little something to do with it.

3. Neon Dresses


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Ah, neon. The 2019 colour palette that is unavoidable, whether you're shopping on Missguided or Net-a-Porter. There has been a 335% increase in searches for these acid-hued dresses year on year.

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Emma Spedding