The Best Christmas Present These Australian Models Have Ever Received

Christmas is around the corner, and while it should be super easy to put together a wish list (you know, to hand out to your friends and family), sometimes you need a little bit of extra inspo.

We asked five Australian models (who are currently on the rise, so you’re bound to see much more of them), what the best gift they’ve ever received is—so we can go and add them to our list.

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Victoria Lee



"What comes to mind isn't so much a specific gift. With being away for so much of the year, getting to be at home with my entire family and friends is the greatest gift and what I look forward to the most."

Steffanie Roberts



"To be honest I can't pick just one! I think I get spoiled every year! I actually prefer giving gifts to other people as I really like to take the time to think of the perfect gifts that I know my family and friends will really love, even down to the wrapping and card! Aside from that, the best present is just being able to be with all of my family and friends at Christmas time as I feel like that is what Christmas is all about!" 

Avril Alexander



"The best Christmas present I ever received was from a girlfriend last year. It was a beautiful Turkish rug which I had been looking at for a few months."

Simone Holtznagel



"The best Christmas present I've ever received was... probably new gym gear. It sounds boring, but any time I get new workout clothes all I want to do is go to the gym! Which is also really good for the silly season, with all the eating and drinking it's nice to have something so simple to motivate me!"

Casey La Chiusa



"Hmm… the best Christmas present I’ve ever received is probably a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s from my fiancé—that’s the first thing that comes to mind after doing a quick recap of the last 27 Christmases. I think that’s the best present ever, other than the Barbie Fold 'N Funhouse I got when I was five."

Natalie Roser



"Every year my mum gets me a year planner from Kikki-K. It's one of my favourite gifts as it gets me excited about the year to come! Plus, they are always super cute!" 

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What’s the best present you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below!

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