How to Mix Prints the Fashion-Girl Way

As much as we love the idea of mixing prints, we tend to leave this trend on the runway rather than sporting it IRL. However, after scrolling through our Instagram feeds and seeing the latest street style outfits, we’re finding that power print clashing isn’t nearly as intimidating as it looks—all it takes is a little confidence (which we know you, dear reader, already have).

Whether you’re just starting out by mixing the basics, like stripes and florals, or are looking for a whole new realm of sartorial inspiration, no one sets the example quite like the fashion set. Take a cue from the It girls who have mastered the print-mixing trend and you’ll learn everything from how to wear varying floral pieces at once to how to mix your plaids with your animal prints. Keep reading to see how our favorite fashion girls are pulling off print mixing for fall, and get ready to feel inspired.

Now you're about to become a master of the trend, too.