The One Trend Carrie Bradshaw Would Never Wear in 2018

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Recently, I got to thinking about Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic style and the pieces she would wear today in 2018. After all, many of the items she wore in the 2000s—like her Dior saddle bag, PVC shoes, and strappy sandals—are again relevant today with trends from the early aughts making a comeback on the fashion scene in a huge way. But what wouldn’t she wear? It seems there’s actually a clear answer to that question.

When recently asked about what it would be like to style Sex and the City today, Patricia Fields told Man Repeller, “If I were styling Carrie Bradshaw in 2018, I really feel like it would be more of the same—entertaining, aspirational, positive. Definitely not normcore.” And this doesn’t surprise us at all. While normcore fashion celebrates casual everyday basics, Carrie liked to live on the opposite end of the spectrum. But we have a sneaking suspicion that Miranda Hobbes would wear normcore pieces in 2018. Ahead, we’re breaking down why.

Anorak jacket

Carrie is interested in fashion pieces that make a statement, while Miranda is a fan of practical pieces like an anorak designed to stand up to the elements. Interestingly, she decided to pair hers with a hoodie and a long pink skirt.

Can you ever imagine Carrie wearing a baseball hat? Nope, we can’t either. But Miranda? You bet.

Tote bag

While Carrie would spend a month’s rent on a Dior Saddle bag or a Fendi Baguette, Miranda is perfectly content with a tote bag. Bonus points if it comes in a 2018 shade of lime green.


We won’t forget when Carrie exclaimed, “shopping is my cardio,” so finding her in athleisure pieces is a far stretch. On the other hand, Miranda is happy slipping into pieces like an oversize hoodie for a workout.

When Carrie throws on a blazer, it’s typically decked out with sequins or tailored to perfection by Vivienne Westwood. Miranda instead wears looser fits and more casual styles.

And now, more on what Carrie Bradshaw’s 2018 wardrobe would look like.

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