The Adult Way to Wear the Ballet Trend

While she might be known for her modelling and Instagram fame, Mimi Elashiry is more than just her 834,000 Instagram followers—she’s also a classically trained dancer. A back injury a few years ago halted her dancing career, and saw her modelling career take off. Now, she’s combined her love for both, for the launch of Pandora Rose—a new collection with a unique blend of metals that combines to form a pretty blush hue. On her partnership with Pandora, Elashiry explains “I’ve always loved dancing and the freedom of expression through movement… I was always told I couldn’t be a model and my dream has always been to combine my passion of dancing with modelling. That’s why I’ve partnered with Pandora. I want women to express their personal style and celebrate their own individuality and talents”.

So to celebrate, Pandora created a bespoke life-sized jewellery box, which Mimi will dance on top of today in Sydney's Pitt Street Mall (as the world’s first life-size jewellery box ballerina). We spoke to Elashiry and asked her about how she wears the ballet trend IRL and what jewellery means to her. Keep scrolling to read more, and stay glued to Elashiry’s Instagram from 11 a.m. on October 13 to see how the dancing all goes down.


Courtesy of Pandora

Who What Wear Australia: How would you incorporate the ballet trend into your everyday wardrobe?

Mimi Elashiry: I love bodysuits and cross-over tops—they are a bit of a staple in my wardrobe! They really go with everything. I like to tie cross-over tops to keep the bow at the front.

WWW: How can adults wear the trend without looking cheesy?

ME: I think if you just add one ballet-inspired piece to your outfit, you keep it classy and elegant, you won’t look like you’re off to dance class.

WWW: What does jewellery mean to you?

ME: The first piece of jewellery I ever received was a Pandora bracelet, and whenever I hit a milestone in my childhood—like losing a tooth—I would get a charm for it, so for me jewellery is a really sentimental thing, a reminder of family and childhood memories.


Courtesy of Pandora

WWW: How do you store your jewellery?

ME: I store my very precious jewellery in a little Afghan jewellery box that has sections for all my most special pieces. I also have a beautiful, small pink jewellery box, which I keep all my earrings in, and I put a big pompom on top of them to stop them from getting all tangled. Everything else gets thrown into a drawstring silk bag.

WWW: And how do you organise your wardrobe? By colour? By style? Share your secrets!

ME: I don’t hang things by colour, but I do hang things in order of jackets, skirts, dresses and everything else. I shuffle things around so that I can see what I have—I don’t put all my white stuff together, or else it gets lost. I realised quite recently that about 80% of my wardrobe is dressing up costumes… no wonder I can’t get dressed!

WWW: What retro trend would you love to see return?

ME: I was watching The Get Down the other night and I loved the glittery, flared, lurex jumpsuits, they NEED to come back…

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Opening image: Mimi Elashiry

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