The Secret to Buying Jeans No One Else Has

Shopping for jeans can be one of the most harrowing of purchasing exercises (it comes right after finding the right-fitting bra). We've narrowed it down to two reasons why it's so problematic: 1. You can never find your right size, and 2. You can't find a pair that is truly personal. 

Now, while the first issue is just a case of working out which styles work for your body shape, we can now help with the second, thanks to M.i.h jeans, which has just launched its first customizable jean service. As part of its Denim Girls Project, you can now select from eight styles to rejig to your heart's content. But it's so much more than that.

The beauty about this new tool is that you can do it online with the ability to change up hems, cuffs, and collars, or even add embroidery, patches and tassels. And that's not all: You can make totally bespoke requests via the submission box, which goes straight to the design team, who will work on the craziest of suggestions with you.

You can also send in non-M.i.h jeans for upcycling, retailoring, and personalizing too. And the cost for a truly original piece of denim? Custom cutting is free; then the service starts at $18. The tool is going to be ongoing, and each season, new components will be added with new badges and embroidery ideas. That very much sounds like a bargain to us. 

Click through our gallery to see some customized pieces, as well as which denim pieces you can shop and personalize right now. 


M.i.h Jeans

Patches immediately add a fresh edge to a denim jacket.


M.i.h Jeans

Add stitching to give your jeans a personalised twist. 

How would you customize your dream pair of jeans? Tell us in the comments below!

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