I'm Already Hooked on These 5 Summer Microtrends

At this stage in the season, I'm safe in the knowledge that you lot know the top-line spring/summer 2019 trends inside and out. The appropriate weather has arrived on occasion for you to flounce about in a prairie dress, wear a full head-to-toe beige ensemble and maybe even experiment with tie-dye, but we're at the very start of when sparky little offshoot microtrends start to occur.

These up-and-coming looks and pieces are what Team WWW UK specialise in. Call me big-headed, but I guarantee you that our eagle-eyed editors can spot the next big thing from 50 paces before it's even started to form. So here we are, edging up toward the summer months (40 days away, people!) and already keen to reroute our wardrobes to include a little unexpected piece or two. These are all entirely in keeping with what's big on the macro trend scene, but they just offer you something that those in the know will appreciate far before the rest of the world catches up. Consider it your ultimate cheat sheet.

Keep scrolling to see the summer microtrends I'll be snapping up for 2019.


Now here's a nifty DIY hack if you want to keep last year's straw hats in business: Simply add in a ribbon (either stitch one in or go for some safety pinks), tie it up and watch your credentials soar. A little bit Victorian bonnet, a lot current summer 2019, this is one of those out-there trends that will become the norm.


(Image credit: @wethepeoplestyle)


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It may still feel too cold outside to consider wearing anything other than knitwear, but when you're ready, may we guide you to a pretty organza top? This see-through fabric has been quietly trending on Instagram but looks poised to take over in its most successful form as the new It top to wear with jeans.


(Image credit: @aude_julie)


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

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In the same way that a basket bag brings major holiday vibes to any given outfit, a little gingham number can do the trick too. We've noticed small picnic blanket–style bags cropping up across Europe and expect the microtrend to continue well into the hotter months.


(Image credit: @polliani)


(Image credit: @shhteps)

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Staud's mini wedges and Chanel's logo slides are leading the way for a new wave of wedges. Smaller in height and often with a single mule strap at the front, this modern silhouette is starting to happen.


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(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

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Cow print will never be as big as its feline counterparts (no one can deny the classic allure of leopard), but it is starting to shop up in every stylish corner of the globe—and most often in some sort of skirt. Moo-ve fast if you want to be early onto this one.


(Image credit: @stephaniebroek)


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