And Here Are 2018's Most Game-Changing Microtrends

January, as we all know, is a tough month on the old budget. This also means we have less money to spend on clothes, which, let's be honest, makes January a little more bearable. However, you can bring your wardrobe into 2018 with our genius microtrends guide. Instead of looking for brand-new outfits, think about the tiny tweaks you can make to some of your existing everyday looks. Whether that's purchasing an A-list endorsed (and inexpensive) piece of jewellery to fastening your belt in a whole new way, by following these tips you'll give your closet a quick makeover that will have a lasting effect. For the five tips to do right now, keep scrolling for 2018's microtrends...

#1: Dangling Belts


(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Style Notes: For this trend it doesn't matter about the width of your belt but rather the length of it. Whether it's thick or thin, the idea is that you fasten it to the side of your outfit to appear as if you had a waist-cinching emergency (what, that's never happened to you?), with a decent amount dangling down. 

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#2: Shell Necklaces


(Image credit: Getty Images / @gildaambrosio)

Style Notes: The shell trend is small now, but set to be mighty. If Alexa Chung, Attico co-founder Gilda Ambrosio, and Camille Charrière are all doing it, then we probably don't need to say anything else. 

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#3: Bardot Headbands


(Image credit: Getty Images PICTURED: Jacquemus catwalk / @stella_vonsenger)

Style Notes: Never have a bad hair day again with this genius trend. No only can you get away with unwashed hair, you'll also be tapping into the chicest microtrend around for 2018. 

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#4: Gold Trousers


(Image credit: Getty Images / Style du Monde )

Style Notes: So last year you got acquainted with silver trousers, but now it's time to move on a level with gold. Caroline de Maigret (pictured on the right) is also a big fan and has persuaded us that they can look casual.

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#5: Purple and Orange


(Image credit: @jxxsy / @naomishimada )

Style Notes: Not the first colour combo we'd go for but it totally works. Whether it's a lilac puffer with a pair of orange trousers or a hoodie with a bag, there are plenty of ways to do this fun ensemble. 


Elinor Block