26 Outfits That Will Totally Impress His Family

The holidays are pretty much in full swing, and you’re probably in the midst of planning your trip(s) for the break. If you’re lucky enough to be attached at the hip to your significant other this season, then you might even be planning to spend some time around his (or her) family—which means the most important question becomes what you’re going to wear.

We’re here to help. The trick with dressing to meet your significant other’s family is that you want to be conservative without appearing frumpy, and stylish without being too edgy. It’s all about striking a healthy balance, and we scoured the street style world to come up with looks that achieve this balance.

Keep scrolling to see 26 outfit ideas for when you want to totally impress your main squeeze’s family!

How do YOU dress when you’re meeting the family? Tell us in the comments below!

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