The 68-Year-Old With More Style Cred Than Almost Anyone Else We Know

Other than getting stuck in an Instagram Story–size hole (it's becoming a problem), Instagram is incredible for finding new style muses. Today, we've discovered Maye Musk, 68-year-old fashion star and mother of SpaceX founder Elon Musk (he's kind of a big deal). She's a model and dietician—oh, and she has amazing personal style. She is legit more stylish than anyone we know. So what makes her so much chicer?

Firstly, she can pull off any outfit. Evening wear? No problem. Fashion week ensemble? Absolutely. Athleisure? You better believe it. The best bit is that her outfits don't make it look like she's trying too hard, and they still seem to fit within her own style identity. Secondly, she always seems appropriately dressed for every event or situation she's in, which is a real skill to master. Finally, her fully white hair is all kinds of gorgeous, and it sets off her outfits perfectly. Can we just be her already? Keep scrolling to see the outfit ideas we're stealing.

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Opening Image: Getty Images

Elinor Block