The Next It Girl Is a Zara-Loving Norwegian 



Here at Who What Wear, we are always on the hunt for the next It girl to turn to for the coolest outfit ideas. Naturally, an It girl who wears affordable brands on the reg (aka Zara) gets our attention even faster, so when we found Maren Schia's Instagram account, you can guarantee we were instantly obsessed. Maren is a 20-year-old blogger from Norway who clearly has a bright future ahead of her in the world of fashion. 

You know that one friend we all have who somehow shows up to every event looking insanely stylish? And you find yourself wondering where you went wrong getting dressed that morning? That's how we feel every time we come across one of Maren's images in our Instagram feeds (in a good way). Whether she's decked out in the latest Zara gems or is rocking the latest Isabel Marant sweater, we can assure you there isn't an outfit of this stylish Norwegian you won't gawk over. Either there's something in the water over there in Norway, or Maren is destined for It-girl fame. We're betting on the latter. 

Scroll down to see a handful of our favorite outfits that include Zara, brought to you by our new favorite It girl, Maren Schia.