March Letter From the Editor: Unapologetic Woman


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Dear readers,

We believe in the power of women. When we enter the WWW office every day, our mission is to inspire our diverse and vibrant community to embrace personal style and dare to be different—not apologize for being who they are. We’re aware that women often say sorry way more than necessary on a daily basis—for their style, for their interests, or for simply being themselves. That’s why we’re launching a new video this month called “I’m Not Sorry,” where notable women in the fashion industry declare what they’re not sorry for.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re also kicking off a new series called A Note to Women, where fashion industry figures write their personal message to women everywhere. These letters are meant to celebrate and create a space for all people to come together and support each other.

And because we know the first day of spring is a mere three weeks away, we are, as always, leading the trend conversation with our massive spring fashion guide. It will help you navigate what to buy and what to wear (no matter your budget, style, or body type) for the season ahead. That and so much more are coming your way this month.

Talk soon.

Kat and Bobby

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