How to Pull Off One of Spring's Toughest Trends: Low-Slung Pants

What comes to mind when you think of low-slung pants? For some, they may conjure memories of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle.” For others, the nostalgia may extend further back to the ’90s with girl groups like TLC or Aaliyah. Whatever the case may be, you likely haven’t thought about them in a while—until now. Thanks to a micro onslaught of stylish celebrities and fashion insiders, this pant style is back in action.

If you’re like this editor, you may be wondering, But how am I supposed to wear them if I don’t have abs like Emily Ratajkowski? We get it. Low-rise pants reveal your midsection in ways that high-waist iterations usually conceal. However, there are still plenty of ways to test out the look, and we’ve gathered them for you below. Check out our roundup, and be sure to let us know what you think of low-slung pants in the comments.